Friday, January 9, 2009

The Amperstand

The original Amperstand was designed a dictionary stand for my wife, Teresa, who is an editor and needed a place to keep her Webster's Second Edition handy. The slope of the top is enough to make a book easier to read but still low enough for friction to keep the book in place.

The design of Amperstand was inspired by the sight of swans on the river by our house in Massachusetts. The base of the Amperstand is made of eight double tapered steam bent Ash laminae. The stem and spine of the top are made of cherry. The top is a pair of bookmatched Ash panels. The legs are also bent laminations. There is walnut inlay around the vee tenon on the base.

How the Amperstand got its name:

The name Amperstand came from my love of bad puns and wilful abuse of English Language.

Take a close look at the printer's symbol for and (it's hovering above the 7 key there on your keyboard). That symbol is called the Ampersand:

In left profile the Amperstand looks just like an Ampersand. I couldn't resist sticking a T in there.

See this history of the Ampersand on Wikipedia

Height: 1080mm (41")
Width: 610mm (24")
Depth: 385mm (15")
Ash and Cherry with Walnut inlay

Hand rubbed oil / varnish mixture to 600 grit

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