Friday, January 9, 2009

The Batstand

An alternative for the Amperstand inspired another bad name!. Each panel is made of 16 alternating cherry and ash staves; the staves are matched on each side of colour and grain. The scalloping around the top is loosely based on the wing of a bat. The Batstand can be used as dictionary stand, lectern or as a conductor's music stand. The top, though gently curved, holds and supports a book well. A good place to keep your current favourite graphic novel.

The base of the Batstand is made of eight double tapered steam bent Ash laminae. The stem and spine of the top are made of cherry. The legs are also bent laminations. There is walnut inlay around the vee tenon on the base.

Height: 1290mm (51")
Width: 930mm (36.5")
Depth: 460mm (18")
Ash and Cherry with Walnut inlay
Hand rubbed oil / varnish mixture to 600 grit

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