Friday, January 9, 2009

Winged Music Stand

Port Townsend has a large community of violin and cello bow makers. Chris Dickson, a former student of Charles Espey, dropped by my shop and we had a long conversation about design. Chris inspired me to rework the Amperstand design to a music stand.

The Winged Music stand varies enough in height for use by seated or standing musicians.

The top of the music stand moves up and down on a curved stem. The height varies about 300mm (12"). There are stops every 8mm (3/8"). A stainless steel, delrin tipped plunger allow simple height adjustment. The top tilts from nearly horizontal to 80°. The tray is 65mm (2 1/2") wide - enough to hold a binder full or music. It will hold sheet music open at three folds. The angle of the top is adjusted by loosening and tightening the hinge bolts with an allen key. The allen key can be stored under the tray on two embedded rare earth magnets.

Maximum Height: 1290mm (51")
Minimum Height: 1070mm (42")
Width: 930mm (36.5")
Depth: 460mm (18.5")
Ash and Cherry with Walnut inlay

Hand rubbed oil / varnish mixture to 600 grit

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